Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 3

Monday - Steve comes home with his first ever elk.  We then spent the rest of the week processing it, which I really didn’t enjoy!
 Tuesday - Caresse’s 1st professional hair cut.

Wednesday- messing around on the kitchen floor with the children.  Joeliana was telling me some story.

Thursday - learning about Veteran’s Day in school.

Friday - cute Kalyn is trying to get a kiss from Keshawn who is running away laughing and shaking his head “no”.

Saturday evening usually has me busy with little girls hair and baths for everyone. 

Sunday - Kalyn driving to church on a cold November Sunday.


Far Above Rubies said...

What beautiful children and photos. Children are so special.

Thanks for passing by Far Above Rubies. Let me know how it goes, if you decide to use the Calming Oils...



JR said...

Very interesting, well-organized blog to which I want to go back there and back.

Best wishes


Annie said...

Looks like a very good week! Beautiful kiddos!

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